Defense Mechanisms Practiced by The Alpaca

The country of Peru is located in the merging point between eastern and western Europe and is home to innumerable varieties of plants and animals. The alpaca is one of the foremost among them. The alpacas were initially domesticated by the Moche people who reside in Peru and since then these animals have been preserved with a lot of care. The most important and valuable component derived form these alpacas are the alpaca fiber which are famous all over the world for their enriched quality and proficiency as warm clothing.

The alpacas are domestic animals which inhabit the Peruvian landscape especially the southern part of the country. It has been observes that these alpacas always travel together in groups and the entire herd grazes together. This is because, while these animals are extremely intelligent, great observers and mild in temperament, they are quite easy prey to other superior animals as well. Therefore for the sake of their own defense alpacas are always found grazing or moving around in groups. It is…

Source by Roberts Bairds