Who’s Tough Enough to Eat a Sea Spider?

Rather than “Who’s Tough Enough to Eat a Sea Spider?” you need to know what a sea spider is.

They have been around for millions of years, but live in an environment not often in contact with humans. Volcanic ash near Herefordshire, UK, reveals spider fossils from 425 million years ago. They’ve been here a long time. More recently, scientific expeditions to the Antarctic area have discovered some amazing current examples.

Just off the Ross Sea Shelf in Southern Antarctica live gigantic specimens of many forms of sea creatures. In addition to giant worms and crustaceans these expeditions brought back sea spiders larger than a dinner plate. Many had the normal eight legs, but some have more, even up to twelve legs. Very large size sea life is nothing unusual in the Antarctic area. Scientists speculate this is because of cold temperatures, high oxygen levels, adequate food, and a general lack of predators in the area.

Sea spiders exist in total darkness about four miles deep. They crawl around feeding on soft bodied creatures…

Source by Yank Elliott