Martial Arts – Pressure Points on the Body

In my last article I covered pressure points of the arm. In this article I will discuss points on the rest of the body. I understand that there are about 108 pressure points or tsubos used in the martial arts. Great! I can easily memorize the location of just 108 points, right? Not so fast there, cowboy. Just knowing where the points are located does not mean you can use them in a fight. Points must be struck at the proper angle and direction and at the proper depth in order for them to be truly effective.

The use of these points, regardless of the mechanism that causes them to work, is an in depth study that is not just limited to remembering where the dots are located. Some points can only be used if you set them up by the activation of other points. Some points are hard to access due to their location on the body. Some points are effective only if you strike them, others only if you press, rub or knead them. Getting accurate and reliable information is difficult.

Examining an 8″ x 10″ page with the outline of a person…

Source by Larry Bethers